PRIVATE Thomas Paul. 15/1757

Private Thomas Paul,
born 1899
Enlisted Underage.
Died of Wounds, France 22nd September 1916.

Thomas was the eldest of six children born to Walter and Mary Paul, of 7, Barkers place, bell lane, Bramley, Leeds.
He had just left school when the war broke out but waited until early 1915 to volunteer, a tall and well built lad of 16 year years of age, when asked how hold he was he gave is age as 18, he was accepted into the pals and sent to Colsterdale to begin training, he served alongside his cousin Alfred Paul with the Pals in Egypt and France.
Shortly After the Pals had arrived in France in March 1916,The 1st Battalion asked for volunteers from other West Yorks battalions,Thomas was one of them, it was while serving with this battalion that he was wounded on the 1st day of the Somme 1916, he was evacuated to 34th and 2/2nd London Casualty Clearing Stations behind the lines where he died on the 22nd of September 1916.

He his buried in GROVE TOWN Cemetery, MEAULTE, France.
His Cousin Alfred also died in that year, SEE PAUL.A.
in the soldiers lists.

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