Acting Sgt Sydney Frieder 15/353 and Private Percy Maurice Frieder 15/1943

Acting Sgt Sydney Frieder 15/353
Born St Clements, Leeds 1895

Private Percy Maurice Frieder 15/1943
Born St Clements, Leeds 1896

Sydney frieder a Solicitors clerk on enlistment and his brother Percy Maurice, a student at art School, were two of three sons and a daughter born to Wolfe and Frances Esther Frieder, of 17, Roundhay mount, Harehills, Leeds, Sydney enlisted with the Pals on the 4th of September 1914, and was soon given the rank of acting sergeant, Brother Percy enlisted at Colsterdale in early 1915, and trained as a platoon bomber, both brothers served with number 12 Platoon of C Company in Colsterdale Egypt and France. On the 1st of July 1916 C company was first over the top and received terrible casualties, Sydney was severely wounded and evacuated to England, after his wounds had healed sufficiently he was posted to the 3rd Battalion West Yorkshire regiment to recuperated, they were on coastal defence duties in the north east of England where the soldiering was much more relaxed and easy going, there he recovered sufficiently to released from the army on November 10th 1917. brother Percy had been kept in reserve on 1st of July so escaped unscathed, he served out the rest of the war with the Pals being discharged in 1919.

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