Private/Captain and Adjutant Lawrence Ranford Stott (M.C) 15/857

Private/Captain and Adjutant Lawrence Ranford Stott (M.C)

Born. Morley, Leeds, 1895.

Lawrence Ranford Stott, an ex pupil of Morley Grammar School enlisted into the Leeds Pals as a private on the 6th September 1916. As was commonly the case with all ‘Pals’ regiments, joined alongside his childhood friends Walter Metcalfe, Norman Firth and Fred Sutcliffe.

He was promoted to Corporal in January 1915 and stayed with his pals until July 1915 when he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant into the Yorkshire Regiment and posted to the 11th battalion. He was soon to be recognised as having potential as he was promoted to full Lieutenant in August 1915. He served with this battalion in Gallipoli from October until November 1915 when he was wounded and sent to a convalescent home in Luxor to recover.

In June 1916 his battalion was sent to France.
Captain Lawrence Ranford Stott was awarded the Military Cross for ‘distinguished service in the field’ at Beaumont Hamel, France in November of 1916.

Whilst serving in France with the Yorkshire Regiment, he was transferred to the Royal Field Artillery in July 1917. He was appointed acting Captain in October 1917 "whilst in command of a group of trench mortar batteries" (War office conditions of appointment)

He survived the rest of the war, relinquishing his commission in 1919.

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