Private James Mackay 15/609

Private James Mackay

Born. Harrogate, March 31 1887.
Died. Harrogate, March 21 1964.

James Mackay, always known as Jim, was born in Harrogate on 31st March 1887 and lived at his family home of 40 Well Close Mount, Leeds. He was the youngest son of George Mackay and his wife Mary (formerly Newsome). His father was the owner of a large firm of motor engineers on West Park in Harrogate and the skills he would learn here was probably the main reason why he was a driver with the Leeds Pals.

He enlisted on the 3rd March 1914 into A Company, 2 Platoon, Section 5, 15th West York's Battalion "Leeds Pals"

He was discharged on 16th March 1919 and spent the rest of his life, until his death on the 21st March 1964, living in Harrogate.

With Special thanks to Neil Mackay who supplied the photo and information.

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