Lance Corporal Herbert Burnley 15/160

Lance Corporal Herbert Burnley

Born. 1889, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.
Killed in action. 1/7/1916 age 27.

Herbert Burnley was the son of Walter and Fanny Burnley of Huddersfield.

Just after he was born the family moved to Listers Villas, Garforth where Herbert attended the Middle Class school.
He was also a member of the local Parish Choir and in his late teens a member of Garforth Golf Club.

Working as a clerk with Leeds City Treasurers office, when the war started he joined the Pals on September 9th 1914, and was promoted to lance corporal training as a Platoon Bomber with B Company. He served with the Pals under 2nd Lieutenant Leonard Foster in Colsterdale, Egypt and France.

On the 1st July 1916 when the Pals attacked Serre Herbert he was killed in action.

In a letter to his parents, a fellow "Pal" wrote:

"There was not a better soldier in the battalion, as, efficient as himself, he did his best to get others to take pride in their work………..". "He was second to none, not only in physique, but also as a Soldier and Bomber"…………. "A true friend, he was always willing to do a good turn, and help anyone who was down"

He is buried in Euston Road Cemetery, France.

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