Private George Arthur Wilson 15/991

Private George Arthur Wilson


Born, Armley. Leeds, 1889.

Died, 1968, Aged 79.

George Arthur Wilson was living with his parents at 115A, Town Street, Armley, and working as a Clerk at J.P.Coates & Co, Cotton Manufacturers Leeds when he joined the Pals on 13/9/1914.

He Served with the Pals in 15 section, 8 platoon, B coy in Colsterdale, Egypt and France. When the Pals attacked Serre on the 1st of July 1916 he received severe wounds to his legs, after being sent back to England for treatment, he was discharged medically unfit for further service on 5/12/1917.

His marriage to Hilda Aisthorpe in 1920 was blessed one year later when their only child, a son (Raymond), was born. In 1925 after prolonged hospital treatment to his war wounds, his left leg had to be amputated. He was still working for Coates Cottons (as Manager) when he retired in 1954.

He died in 1968, aged 79. With thanks to Neil Wallin for Donating Photographs and providing Family details.

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