Sergeant Frank Clayton 15/209

Sergeant Frank Clayton

Born. 1876 at 21, Marlborough St, Leeds.
Killed in Action. 1st July 1916

Frank Clayton was the fourth of six children, William, Elizabeth, Charles H, Ralph and Harold. Born to Fanny & Samuel Clayton, a commercial clerk master.

Frank was an accountant by profession in partnership with his brother William at 72,Albion Street, Leeds. He was not only a “Fellow of the Society of Accountants & Auditors” but also a member of the Headingley lodge of Freemasons and for a time connected with the Leeds City football club.

On the 4th September 1914 Frank joined the Leeds Pals at the age of 38, he was posted as a Sgt, to “A” Company of No “4” Platoon his commanding officer being Lt Robert Huntris Tolson.

In July 1916 after the battle, William requested information on his brother’s whereabouts in the “Yorkshire Evening Post” he received a letter in reply from Reverend C.K.Chappell, the battalion Chaplain that read:

“Little hope of Sgt Clayton’s safety is entertained… Careful enquiries have been made and although I cannot find anyone here… who saw him, I can say with little doubt that your brother his amongst those killed. I am sorry to deprive you of hope, but it is better to know the truth than to bear the pain of uncertainty. We hear that you think, in Leeds, that many have been taken prisoner, but we don’t think here that this is to be relied on. They may have taken 5 or 6 wounded men”

Sgt Frank Clayton was killed in action on the 1st July 1916.

He is buried in Serre Road No1 Cemetery, France.

With special thanks to great niece of the above, Gillian Teed, for supplying the photograph.

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