Private Arthur Ernest Metcalfe Atkinson 15/37

Private Arthur Ernest Metcalfe Atkinson

Born. 1878, Leeds.

Arthur Ernest Metcalfe Atkinson was the sixth child to George M. Atkinson born in Awkworth, North Yorkshire and Hannah Kirkwood Atkinson, Born in Keyingham, Hull, North Numberside. Arthur was born in Leeds at 7 Ritter Street along with his siblings Hannah Mary Atkinson aged 21, Margaret Ellen Atkinson a music teacher aged 16, George William Atkinson. Aged 10, Frank Leopold Atkinson, aged 6, Henry John Atkinson, aged 5 Also in this household lived two lodgers, George Scorsby a clerk from Kingston, Hull, aged 29 and Alfred Dunwell Dickinson an apprentice from Selby, North Yorkshire, aged 16 (these ages taken from the 1881 census).

By 1891 Hannah was sadly a widow and was living at 6 Moorland Place, Kirkstall, Leeds with Frederick Leopold Atkinson, Henry John Atkinson, Arthur Ernest Metcalfe and her youngest daughter Ethel Rubina Atkinson who was born in 1884.

The family then moved again to 20 Rosebank Grove, Leeds the remaining children that lived with Hannah by 1901 were Arthur Ernest Metcalfe Atkinson and Ethel Rubina Atkinson.

During the early 1900’s Arthur had become a Clothing Assistant and by 1911 was still living with his mother Hannah and youngest sister Ethel, however the tragedy of his fathers early death was to hit the family again, more directly Arthur by the death of his wife. By this time they had moved once again and the last time before Arthur would enter the First World War, to 18 Beechwood Terrace, Burley, Leeds. By this time Arthur had become head of the household for his mother Hannah and younger sister Ethel who had grown up to become a tailoress.

Arthur joined the Leeds Pals in 1914 as 15/37 but was soon moved to the Labour Corps. It is believed this was due to his age as he was 36, here he would stay as Private 32453 until the end of the war.

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