PRIIVATE Joseph Sheard Jubb 15/1612 and PRIVATE 15/1612. PRIVATE Bernard Jubb 15/1613

Joseph Sheard Jubb and Bernard Jubb were two of 13 children (8 Girls and 5 boys) born to John Joseph Jubb a shoddy manufacturer and his wife Matilda, the family home was Blenheim House, Batley, Yorks.
At the outbreak of war both brothers joined the Leeds Pals, they both volunteered on the 10th of September 1914.
At the time Joseph was working as an Architects assistant, his brother Bernard who was Newly married was working in the family “shoddy” manufacturing business, He left is secure family life and enlisted.
Both brothers served with 13 platoon of D company in Colsterdale Egypt and France.
Bernard was wounded on the 1st of July 1916, and survived his wounds, He served out the rest of the war with the Labour Corps, his brother Joseph was also wounded on the same day, but died of these wounds on the 2nd of August 1916. He is buried in ST VAAST POST MILITARY CEMETARY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUE, FRANCE.

Samuel the youngest of the Jubb brothers, served with the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and survived the War.

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